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U.S. Marshals Shut Down Popular Adult Bookstore in Odessa

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Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The B&L Adult Bookstore has quite a reputation among Odessans. Now the place is spray painted closed and the locks have been changed after the U.S. Marshals shut it down and took over the property around 10 a.m. Friday morning.

Many residents NewsWest 9 spoke to said they are thrilled about the situation.

It's a pretty small building that's been in business for over 40 years but residents say sometimes the business might not always be legal. 

"They sell a lot of magazines. Behind the counters, they have a lot of smoking devices, not only for marijuana but for methamphetamine and other things like that," Odessa resident, Amber Drugan, said.

In fact, the owner, Jimmy Wright, has been locked up for selling bath salts there among some other charges. The bookstore, along with Wright's other properties, had been seized as part of the settlement and will be auctioned. Somehow, B&L remained open and is said to have been operated by Wright's wife, Sharon.

Inside the walls, Drugan said there are rooms all along a hallway that look like changing booths where people can go to view x-rated movies.

"I do know for a fact that people go in there and have sex with each other," Drugan said.

She came across the information on Craigslist where she saw that multiple people and multiple posts were saying to meet at B&L.

A resident who knows the owners and wants to remain anonymous said he's been informing the authorities about the illicit activity for a long time with little response. He feels the government had been "turning a blind eye" to what was going on.

The U.S. Marshals act as "the muscle" to enforce action, but they say, they are not the ones who are responsible for looking into something like this.

"As far as any prosecution, it'd be up to the U.S. Attorney's Office or the DEA if they have any further investigations ongoing," Deputy Marshal, Brent Sheets, said. "At this time, I don't know of any."

Meanwhile, the DEA said they don't have enough people to man every possible site. They have five people overlooking nine counties and that it isn't under their jurisdiction to investigate illegal sexual activity; it falls under local authorities. Plus, they don't have any new evidence regarding the supposed crimes and U.S. Marshals agree.

"I think it's all been disposed of when Jimmy Wright was sentenced," Sheets said.

Residents unanimously said that the closure was a long time coming and could boost the neighborhood's safety, property value and overall reputation.