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Copper Thieves Targeting More Air Conditioning Units


by Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND COUNTY - The Bosworth Company, who repairs air conditioning units in the Basin, tells NewsWest 9 they have been receiving lots of calls regarding broken units. However, when they get out to residents homes, they find that there are actually pieces missing from inside the AC unit.

Those pieces are copper which crooks have been shifting their focus to. Making your window or central unit a easy target.

"We have worked several calls of people who have lost AC units," Midland County Sheriff, Gary Painter, said.

Painter says with the summer months upon us, many people are out of town leaving a window of opportunity. He also says there are those homes up for rent or sale that are being targeted.

"The real estate agents get to checking and the unit's been vandalized or it's been stolen, so it's happening," Painter said.

The big question is why? Why are crooks more focused now on what's outside your home?

"There's two reasons. One the copper because the copper is of high value right now and they're getting alot of money for it. There's not a serial number on the copper so anybody can do it," Painter said.

There's also concern with the heat in the upper 90's lately as this can be a dangerous situation for some.

"It can be very dangerous to people. If they have a unit that's stolen or damaged or vandalized and they can't get another unit to replace it, then they're going to be in trouble as far as the heat," Painter said.

Sheriff Painter is relying on the community to keep a watchful eye on thieves.

"We're asking people to keep a special look out for their neighbors homes so their neighbors can keep a special lookout on their home. We're encouraging that countywide," Painter said.