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Presidio Border Patrol Officers Seize Over 70 Pounds of Marijuana Hidden in Children's Furniture

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PRESIDIO – Border Patrol Officers in Presidio made another large drug bust on Thursday.

Border Patrol officials tell NewsWest 9, they seized just over 73 pounds of marijuana that was hidden in children's furniture.

We're told officials found the furniture early Thursday morning inside a cargo hold of a 1995 Van Hool passenger bus that was making entry into the country from Mexico. Officers searched the bus and then found the furniture in the cargo hold of the bus.

After further investigation, officials discovered that the furniture had an unusual heavy weight and when officers drilled into the furniture they found a total of 72 bundles of marijuana.

In a press release on Thursday, officials said they've seen it all. "You name it and we have seen it.  To the untrained eye, this was just another man crossing the port of entry; however to the well trained CBP officer, it was a smuggling attempt," Patricia Aveitia, acting CBP Presidio Port Director, said. "We have intercepted drugs in tires, fuel tanks and now in furniture."

Border Patrol officials took custody of 47-year-old Alejandro Faber of McKinney, Texas, and he was turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement HIS Special Agents to face federal charges in connection with the failed smuggling attempt.