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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Odessa Man Wanted For Stealing Lottery Tickets


Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9 

ODESSA - A man is wanted by police for stealing a string of lottery tickets in Odessa. Police released surveillance video of the crime and are hoping by showing the video they can make an arrest.

"This has been happening in several different stores and he is a suspect in other events that has happened as well," Odessa Crime Stoppers Director, Susan Rogers, said. 

Police say a man entered the 7-11 store off the 3900 of Tanglewood in Odessa. In his possession, a hand full of lottery tickets in which he cashed out. But moments after is the reason why police are after him. Police say he later ask the clerk for four Cash Excitement scratch off tickets, while she scans them and rings them up, he distracts her. 

"He then asks her about electronic cigarettes, which are at the end of the cigarette counter. As she turns to get that and show it to him, he picks up the $80 worth of lottery tickets and walks out the door with them," Rogers said. 

Rogers says the man in the surveillance video may have done the same thing at other convenience stores.

"We have several Lottery thefts in Midland and Odessa, we don't know if they're all tied together. Like I said they do suspect him in possibly in a couple of other ones," Rogers said. 

Even though the tickets have to be reported and turned in, Rogers says the suspect is using time to his advantage. 

"I think he's using that time lapse there to get those scratched, get them turned around and get them right back into the store and cash them in and keep going. That's why he hasn't been caught yet," Rogers said. 

Police describe the suspect as a white male in his 30's that has short black curly hair. He was last seen wearing a black jacket with blue jeans and had a dark green backpack. Anyone with information is asked call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.

Police say once arrested, he'll be facing a Class B theft charge.