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Recent Rain Causes Flooding on Midland's Roads

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By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Some much needed rain hit the Tall City Thursday night, but as usual, it caused a headache for drivers.

"Wadley is a carrier of water," City of Midland Transportation Manager, Gary Saunders, said.

Anyone who's driven down Wadley during a rainstorm understands that.

"It has drainage inlets, in the center of Wadley. That was done several years ago to help alleviate the problem, because it didn't have anything before, so it's better," Saunders said.

Better, but still problematic for drivers.

"When water starts rushing in those inlets, the water doesn't go in as fast as maybe it needs to, and that why you still see water often times from curb to curb on Wadley," he said.

Wadley Avenue isn't the only area of concern in the Tall City. Saunders said there are a few other areas that cause just as many issues.

"Scharbauer Drive, there's a draw running right down the center of it," he explained.  "One of the other locations is portions of "A" Street, near Wadley-Barron Park. Those types of areas start filling up very rapidly, and when they go over the top, they start getting on to the streets," Saunders said.

NewsWest 9 asked Midland City Engineer, David Beard, if an updated drainage system will ever be in place.

"It's tough to work on drainage in Midland. It doesn't rain that often. People don't like to spend money on drainage work," he said. "But, when it does rain a couple of times a year, then the complaints are the other direction. People ask why don't you fix the drainage."

Beard says plans are still in the works to try to fix the flooding problem on Midland's roads.

"We've got several plans to update the drainage system, but once the systems set, the water will always be there, it just depends on how you handle it," he said.