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Children buying drugs online, without prescription

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It's usually around age of 11 that children in Texas start experimenting with drugs and alcohol. With easy Internet access, more and more children are turning to the web for their fix.

"Typically anything that is an opiate or pain killer is going to be one of the most popular ones," said LaViza Matthews, the Project Director of Impact Futures, an awareness, prevention and intervention service.

The majority of oversea pharmacy web sites don't require you to have a prescription. However, it is illegal in the United States to buy or sell prescribed drugs without one.

"Aside from medical effects, it's illegal for them to be purchasing prescription medications over the Internet," said Jeanie Jaramillo, an Assistant Professor for the Texas Tech School of Pharmacy.

Because the Internet has very few regulations, legally patrolling this issue continues to be a challenge.

"It's very hard for our law enforcement agencies to discriminate between the teen who didn't have a prescription and is now getting this in the mail versus Mr. Smith who may have had back surgery a month ago and is getting this in the mail," Jaramillo said.

Checking the computer, monitoring your credit card bill and looking into suspicious packages that are delivered, are the best things parents can do to help make sure their child is not buying prescription drugs online.

Colleen Nelson, NewsChannel 10.