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City Pools Face New Challenges As Population Increases


By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Pools are officially open, marking the start of Summer in the Permian Basin. Saturday was the first day Doug Russell Pool was open for the season. The pool saw a pretty good turnout of swimmers.

"This is pretty normal, it's probably going to be more busy tomorrow (Sunday)," Lauren Meeks, the manager of the pool, said.

The pool already saw its first injury of the season.

"A guy fell earlier. We called the ambulance because he fell on his shoulder," she said.

Meeks told NewsWest 9, one of the biggest problems they see is kids being left unattended at the pool.

"We do have a procedure where you should be here with someone over 16 but that doesn't always get followed," Meeks said.

Of course, there are more people living in the area, which means more people will be at the pools this summer than years past.

"I'm really nervous about the injuries and the possibilities that can happen so our lifeguards are going to have to be on their toes," Meeks said.

Some tips for a fun and safe day at the pool:
-Wear sunscreen
-Never leave children unattended
-Stay hydrated

On Sunday, Washington Pool in Midland will be open and Doug Russell closed. Both pools will open for the season on June first.