Basin Residents Come Together to Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Basin Residents Come Together to Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA - Support is coming in from all across the country to help the tornado victims in Oklahoma and that includes help from folks in the Basin.

Local residents and businesses are coming together to bring some relief to Oklahoma.

Each time a national tragedy strikes, Basin residents respond with overwhelming generosity. This time in Moore, Oklahoma is no different.

"You can't help but have your stomach ripped out knowing that there's families whose houses are gone," Cathy Fleck said.

Several businesses are trying to help out by collecting donations for the storm victims.

Amber Carpenter, with Prim Boutique in Odessa, started collecting items at her store on Tuesday morning.

"Baby wipes, diapers, formula, pet food and hygiene products," Carpenter said. "You know a lot of times whenever tragedy happens we are just paralyzed with helplessness. We don't know how to help or what to do and this way it just kind of mobilizes people to make an effort and to help other people."

The destruction in Oklahoma affected her personally.

"I have an aunt and uncle that lost their home in Moore," Carpenter said. "Things are just crazy over there. They're still trying to wrap their heads around, they lost everything."

Occasions Fine Jewelry in Midland is also lending a helping hand.

They posted the need for donations on Facebook on Monday night.

"First thing, this (Tuesday) morning before we opened, we already had people waiting at our door," Fleck said. "It's just amazing how fast social network and social media works."

Fleck also had a personal connection to the tragedy.

"One of my college girlfriends is a teacher there at Plaza Towers Elementary School which is the school that got hit hard," Fleck said.

Thankfully her friend is ok.

The jewelry store is asking for basic items like water, canned food and toiletries.

Resident Jeremy Perry is taking a trailer full of donations by the end of the week.

"I just confirmed with all of my drop-off people that they're needing shovels, picks, brooms, work gloves, on top of all the other things," Perry said.

He said he plans on making regular trips for a while.

"It always seems like once this kind of stuff falls out of the news, everybody just forgets and stops giving stuff so we're gonna try to keep that alive and going," Perry said.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Jeremy Perry will be collecting donations at a parking lot across from Aladdin's Castle Daycare in Odessa. You can stop by between 7 a.m. - 6:15 p.m.

Occasions Fine Jewelry is accepting donations throughout the week.