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Andrews Residents Learn More About Proposed Development Plan During Town Hall Meeting

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Residents in Andrews had the chance to find out about big plans to expand their town. The plans include more developing of housing, retail stores and revamping the downtown area. All of this is in response to a booming population. But the city council has to give it's stamp of approval first. 
Andrews residents packed City Hall Monday evening to hear more on a proposed comprehensive plan to develop the town they live in. It was composed by Freese and Nichols, an urban planning company out of Dallas.
"I learned a lot, I'm glad I came. It's good to have a plan," Andrews resident, Carol Crowder, said. 

People who live out in the county, were the ones who expressed the most concern if they would have to annex their property. 
"I feel a lot more comfortable after going to the meeting. Hearing it's a voluntary thing and they're not just going to come in and say ok, we want your tax money and we're going to force you to build all of this stuff and accept our water and sewer when I have perfectly all of that myself. So I'm ok," Andrews resident, Jeneane Anderegg, said. 

Five critical steps have to be done before the plan takes flight. According to the developer, the city must update their zoning ordinance, along with their subdivision ordinance and create a sign ordinance. Officials must also update their oil and gas ordinance and create the Playa Lake drainage connection.

"Having a plan in place where things happen, it isn't a surprise and we don't have drainage problems," City of Andrews Mayor, Robert Zap, said. "I think in the long run, if you do it right, you'll save and tremendously for years to come. We'll have a better city." 

A stamp of approval must be made by the city council before anything starts and if the plan is approved, it could take up to a year to begin the project.
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