West Mayor Visits Gardendale Music Festival

West Mayor Visits Gardendale Music Festival

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

GARDENDALE - Day two of the Texas Thunder Music Festival in Gardendale is over, but Mayor Tommy Muska, from West, Texas, stopped by the shindig to say thank you to West Texans for raising money for his community.

"We have come up from the actual explosion and now we're mending our injured, burying our fatalities and mourning our firefighters," Mayor Muska said.

It's been a month since the devastating fertilizer plant explosion that shook the community of West, Texas.

"You know we were a quiet little town up until a month ago and we loved it that way. Now, the world knows us and unfortunately it's because of the tragic accident," he said.

But now, the community is looking to rebuild itself.

"They got hit in the stomach pretty bad. A lot of these people have lost loved ones and homes and contents. But they realize through their strong faith that it's boards and nails, it can be rebuilt. We're going to be back stronger than ever, " Mayor Muska said.

This weekend, the Texas Thunder Music Festival, set out to raise money for the town.

"These singers and songwriters, that are here today in West Texas, you got to really want to come out here cause it's a long way out here," he said, laughing. "So that shows their dedication and support for the citizens and the town of West."

Muska said it has been overwhelming to see the outpouring of support for his town.

"It's very, very emotional for me because they wanted to do this. They wanted to come out here and raise funds," he said.

If you want to help the town of West, Texas, you can call the West Donation Hotline at 1-877-569-7767.