Caught On Camera: Woman Steals Vacuum Hose From Tractor Supply Store

Caught On Camera: Woman Steals Vacuum Hose From Tractor Supply Store

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Odessa Police are investigating a theft from a local tractor supply store. The item stolen ended up costing the store and police are hoping you can ID the woman in the surveillance video.

Police describe the suspect as a female in her thirties wearing a yellow shirt with tan shorts and they are hoping new leads will pour in so they can find this woman shown in the surveillance video.

On May sixth, the woman entered the Tractor Supply Company store located along Highway 191 off of Faudree Road in Odessa and what she did is the reason why she's being sought out.

"She walks around through the store, she gets over to the Shop Vac area where all the Shop Vac's are set up and sold.  She opens a box and takes a hose out of the Shop Vac box and walks around the store with it," Odessa Crime Stoppers Director, Susan Rogers, said.

Rogers said at some point the woman puts that hose in the black bag that she was carrying and walks around the store for over an hour.

"As she's exiting, there's actually a sales person standing in the little entry way and she stops. In the video you see her talking to him, asking him some questions and she takes off and goes straight out of the door," Rogers said.

Store employees were able to get a description of the vehicle the woman was driving. Authorities describe it was a blue Nissan XTerra that had a white box trailer, but it had a dead give away.

"It's in neon pink and green letters, it says mobile car wash on the side of it," Rogers said.

Police say this is a class B misdemeanor theft charge.

"Just something we need to put a stop to. We've done a really good job with that with your station, finding and catching those people that they've think they've gotten away with it with these things and the message is, you're not going to get away with it," Rogers said.