Big Spring Officials Investigating Suspicious Grass Fires

Big Spring Officials Investigating Suspicious Grass Fires

By Mike Henry
KBYG Radio – Special to NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - The Big Spring Fire Marshal's Office is investigating suspicious grass fires in a single location recently.

City firefighters were called out to a grass fire near Northwest 3rd Street and Channing on Thursday evening, the same location where a grass fire erupted just a few days ago. No one was hurt nor were there any structures damaged but there were homes in the area.

The cause of the fires is unknown at this time, but because of their frequency and the fact that there is a neighborhood nearby, fire officials have obvious concerns.

The location has had fire issues for several years, according to Fire Marshal Carl Condray. Much of that location is overgrown with weeds mixed with rubbish, a perfect storm for a destructive grass fire that could spread to nearby structures.

Condray says the fire department is asking for residents to keep their weeds and trash in the area under control, but to also be vigilant to any suspicious activity and to please report anything they see to local officials.