Anti-Bullying Rally Held In Midland

Anti-Bullying Rally Held In Midland

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Insults, verbal attacks and bullying. Kids can be mean but many gathered to address the problem that torments so many children and young adults. It was a first of it's kind in the Basin and "The Bully Project" hopes to encourage more people to report the abuse when they see it.

The faces of teens who took their lives away because of bullying were shown at Grande Communications Stadium on Thursday night during a rally to end bullying.

"Right now, there is too many deaths of children going on and what we want to do is try to suppress the bullying," rally organizer, Michael Hill, said.

Many who rallied wore bright colored T-shirts with a message printed on them in hopes their mission will be made loud and clear.

"We're trying this and to let the kids know there's somebody out there that wants to help and that will listen and we hope this is the first step to doing something," "The Bully Project" representative, Michelle Lopez, said.

Bullying has become such a big problem here in the Basin. Now the parents whose children have been bullied are taking a leap of faith to put a stop to it. Motivational speakers made clarity of how serious bullying can be while others hoped their songs would reach out youth in a better way.

Organizers say middle schoolers are more prone to being bullied and may even do something drastic to end their frustration.

"Hear your children more, listen to your children and be more knowledgeable about the policies going on in your school, because you as a parent, you have the power to make a difference. But it's up to you. Listen to your kids," Hill said.