Former Toyah Mayor Pleads Guilty To Fraud and Identity Theft

by Kristen Lowe
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Former Toyah Mayor, Bartolo Sanchez, pleaded guilty to fraud and identity theft in Federal Court on Thursday.

He agreed to a maximum of three years in prison and up to three years of supervised release for each count.

According to the plea agreement, Sanchez wrote checks to himself from several of the city's bank accounts to the tune of $66,877.45.

From May 2009 to September 2011, he took more than $20,000 from an account that was meant to repair the city's streets. There was also an account to fund a new park but that never happened either.

According to the plea agreement, Sanchez also reimbursed himself for gas he used while driving on the job. He paid himself for more than 9,000 miles between September 2008 and September 2009. That would normally be fine, however, the City of Toyah is only 1.6 square miles.

Sanchez resigned from his job as Mayor in December.

He will be sentenced in early August.