Officials Expecting Record Turnout at City Pools This Summer

Officials Expecting Record Turnout at City Pools This Summer

by Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Warmer temperatures are sure to have West Texans seeking relief from the heat before too long and that means more people will be at city pools this summer.

"We had a record number last year which is following the course because we've always had record; almost since we opened it has increased every year. Last year was a big increase," Brad Swendig , Executive Director at City of Midland Aquatics, said.

Swendig says many people came out to Odessa city pools last summer.

He says even though the summer is shorter than it used to be, the crowds keep getting bigger.

"The summer is only about 10 weeks, so that's a lot of people. 90,000 thousand in 10 weeks," Swendig said.

According to Swendig, safety is their number one priority.

With more people hitting the pools during the summer, there needs to be more people watching out for them.

"The main thing for me, it's safety. We have more people in there; we need more people watching them, just more control. There's not much you can do to make the pool any bigger but you can control it, make it safer," Swendig said.

Swendig says more staff members will be added to their roster this summer to help with the large number of people walking through their doors.

"We've also grown the staff each year. It seems like we hire a little bit more. This year, we'll hire quite a bit more, probably our biggest number of staff that we have ever seen, about 25 percent more increase," Swendig said.

He says more people are moving in and calling Odessa home and they are surprised by the state of the art pools the city has to offer.

"You look around the state and there are other cities that do really good job of their pools too. I think the City of Odessa had more entrants last year than the city of Dallas combined, so they are doing a really good job and I think people are surprised when they see them," Swendig said.

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