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Heart failure clinical trial launched in Amarillo

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Amarillo, Texas - Doctors are saying a new clinical trial for heart failure patients could revolutionize the cardiology field.

Approximately 400,000 to 700,000 new heart failure cases are diagnosed each year according to the Heart Failure Society of America. Doctors at the Cardiology Center of Amarillo hope to better treat more of these patients.

The cardiology center was the first to enroll and implant a patient in a new heart failure clinical trial.

"It's called the MultiPoint Pacing study. What we're looking for are patients that do not respond to standard therapy for weak pumps, cardiomyopathies, and heart failure," Coty Jewell, M.D., Cardiology Center of Amarillo says.

Heart failure occurs when the heart in unable pump enough blood to meet the bodies needs. As part of the trial, a defibrillator is implanted in the patient that sends two pulses to the heart, rather than the typical, one.

Dr. Jewell says three out of ten people don't respond to traditional therapy.

"But that three out of ten that had no response on the previous therapy, those are the people we can change. And anything we can do to improve where we're at, in my opinion is the right thing," Jewell says.

Jewell adds this technology could define his generation of cardiologist.

"This could be actually one of the more revolutionary studies, in of course my career, in that you have a standard therapy that fails in a certain number of people, up to 30 percent of patients with cardiomyopathy will not see improvement with standard therapy. Now we can improve up to 93 percent of those," Jewell says.

The MultiPath Pacing study has not been approved by the FDA and is still considered investigational.

Patients are still being accepted for the trial. You can speak with you physician to see if you are a candidate to be recommended for the study, or you can call the Cardiology Center of Amarillo at (806) 354-9764.