Mobile Home Fire Leaves One Man Dead

Staff Report

ODESSA - One man is dead following a trailer house fire in Ector County.

Around 4 Monday morning, the Ector County Sheriff's Office was called out to the fire in the 2500 Block of Kessler.

Officers found a man in the roadway, saying he was visiting a friend at the burned trailer. He said they smelled smoke, but could not figured out where it was coming from.

He said the smell began to get worse and he exited the trailer. He advised that his friend did not come out with him. When he attempted to go back inside, the fire stopped him from entering.

Once the fire was out, the Odessa Fire Department found one man dead in the far west bedroom of the trailer home.

The man has not been positively identified and the investigation is ongoing.  Information on possible autopsy, and cause of fire will be released when that information can be determined.