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Drug Enforcement Agency Says They Rely On Public Tips To Make Drug Busts

by Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - You are the eyes and ears that could help various law enforcement agencies take down the bad guys. NewsWest 9 spoke with the Drug Enforcement Administration on the importance of their investigators relying on tipsters and informants.

"We rely heavily on tips from the public and informants with information. Mostly from the general public because of the fact they are our eyes and ears," Special Agent and Public Information Officer for the DEA, Diana Apodaca, said. 

The DEA says more often than not, the information they receive from the public is valuable and useful for law enforcement. It leads to drug seizures and arrests.

"Enormous success with our tip line. We'd always had a success with the general public providing information. No law enforcement agency could do their job without the help with the community and the community being our partner," Apodaca said. 

According to Apodaca, some people prefer to remain anonymous when they call in. While others allow agents to have a conversation with them so they can ask additional questions. 

"Alot of the information we receive are from citizens who want their communities to be safe. They recognize traffic that is suspicious, they recognize even if they don't know exactly what's going on a particular location of residence. They know and they can sense something is not right," Apodaca said. 

The end result is when people take action and pick up the phone or text a crime fighting tip to the tip line. 

"A safer community where people can go out walking at night, where people can feel free and to walk around and live in their community free of drugs and free of crimes," Apodaca said. 

So if you see any suspicious activity that may involve drugs, you can text the DEA with your tip at 847411 key word DEA.
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