Forsan ISD Talks About Possible Changes if Upcoming School Bond Passes

Forsan ISD Talks About Possible Changes if Upcoming School Bond Passes

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

FORSAN - Residents in Forsan will decide on Saturday whether they will vote for a $24 million school bond. Parents who have elementary-aged children currently drive a total of 24 miles a day to take and pick up their kids from Elbow Elementary.

If the bond passes, a new building would be built close to the Junior High and High School. According to Superintendent Randy Johnson, it's a change that would be beneficial for everyone.

"Most Class A schools, which is what we are, have a campus where all the students are fairly close together and that is our goal. It will help tremendously with efficiency of use of our staff members and communication," Johnson said.

Elbow Elementary is over 50-years-old and according to Johnson, the district did consider renovating the elementary but opted for a new building instead.

"We are comparing $9 million to renovate a building as compared to $14 million to have a new building. So you spend $9 million and still end up with a 1950's shell or $14 million and get a brand new building," Johnson said.

Besides building a new elementary in Forsan, part of the money would be used for maintenance at another school campuses.

"The rest of the money goes to upgrades at our secondary campus, safety related issues, electrical and plumbing issues need to be addressed, as well as some additional classroom space built there," Johnson said.

Johnson says parents in Elbow have been receptive to the possible change.

"The feedback has been from those that have experienced and gone through the process, the feedback has been they think it will be a positive thing as far as safety, communication with the school and going to one location," Johnson said.

If the bond passes, Johnson hopes the building is put to good use.

"Our hope is that we can use it for a variety of educational purposes whether it's a career and technology building, something along those lines," Johnson said.

Johnson encourages everyone to go out and vote on Saturday, no matter where you stand regarding the school bond issue.

"We all need to be out there voting and we have gone through the early voting stage and we're left with one day, which is Saturday, so we encourage people to go out and exercise their right to vote," Johnson said.

Voting is from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday at various locations in the county.

Click here for a list of polling locations in Howard County.