Big Spring Mayoral Candidates Talk Issues Before Saturday's Election

Big Spring Mayoral Candidates Talk Issues Before Saturday's Election

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING -  The May elections will take place this Saturday. For residents in Big Spring that means picking a new city leader. Mayor Tommy Duncan is stepping down after serving just one term.

For the last two months, both Larry McLellan and Roger Rodman have stayed busy campaigning. Both say they have heard from Big Spring residents regarding some of their biggest concerns and both are promising to do something about those concerns if elected.

"I think most people here in Big Spring, their main concern is let's get something done for our city," mayoral candidate, Larry McLellan, said. 

"Many wonderful people have been very receptive to my platform and they want change too," mayoral candidate, Roger Rodman said. 

Both candidates say they have been campaigning non-stop going to different parts of town and talking to many people. One common issue Roger Rodman hears from business owners is that taxes should be lowered. Rodman says that is very important considering many business are expected to move in due to the Cline Shale. 

"When we attract other businesses, we can lower the tax rate even further which is exactly what I want to do. With the Cline Shale coming on, what we have is a unique situation in the fact that the more businesses we get, the lower the taxes," Rodman said. 

Larry McLellan admits he is exhausted from all the campaigning he has done but said residents tell him of some much needed changes that they would like to see happen around Big Spring. For him, that has been motivation enough to continue till the end. 

"We're having a trash pickup problem, and we're having water leaks and water lines, streets that need repair so a lot of people are telling me lets do something for Big Spring for a change," McLellan said. 

Rodman says if voted in as Mayor, he knows which issue he will begin working on first.

"The main issue here is to get the infrastructure going, there's new technology out there to replace and revitalize our water mains and sewer mains," Rodman said. 

However, McLellan also has a vision for Big Spring and their residents. 

"The first thing I want to look at is and I think is very important for our city employees, we are 28 employees short. We can not run this city without the employees and we need to get employees back and retain employees. But in order to do that, we are going to have to pay them," McLellan said.