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Ten Year Old Cold Case Reopened

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

CORRECTION: We wanted to make a correction to this story. In the original airing, NewsWest 9 reported that Abel Baeza was "always a prime suspect in Carrasco's disappearance". That is incorrect. Reeves County Sheriff Art Granado says they are trying to get interviews from everybody, in order to start eliminating people. Right now there is no prime suspect in the case. He says everyone could be considered a suspect.     

REEVES COUNTY - Its been nearly 10 years since then 16-year-old Monica Carrasco went missing from Balmorhea and now investigators are once again looking into her mysterious disappearance.

The Reeves County Sheriff Office reopened the investigation into the nearly decade-old cold case just a few months ago. 

"It will be peace of mind and  closure for the family," Reeves County Sheriff, Art Granado, said. 

Granado says this is the reason why he decided to reopen the cold case of Monica Carrasco.
He believes more could have been done in the past to find the missing teen.  

"We still just investigating people. The case is just moving forward, not like the last administration that it didn't go anywhere. Now, it's going forward," Granado said

As far as new leads in the cold case, he says people are more confident talking about the case now. They have even interviewed some local residents to ask what they remember about that day. 
He says although its been almost 10 years, people still wonder what is being done to find Carrasco. 

"They do, they do just call, just to see what are we still doing but no leads really. We have talked to people, we have not known exactly where she was at that time, all we know she was at her residence where she was staying," Granado said.

Granado says although he is sad Hailey Dunn's remains were found, it gives him hope of one day finding the missing teen. 

"It does. We have been in high gear ever since we started the case. It gives us more to look for, that we will eventually find her," Granado said.     
Former City Manager of Balmorhea, Abel Baeza, is Monica's uncle. When asked if Abel Baeza was a prime suspect in the case, Sheriff Granado said everyone is a suspect right now.
Right now everybody is. I mean we are trying to get interviews from everybody so we can start eliminating people. Right now, everybody is a suspect," Granado said. 

If you have any information regarding this case, you can call the Reeves County Sheriffs office at (432) 445-4901.
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