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Parents of Bullied Students Take Action

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - It's been a hot topic for a while: bullying. One group of moms in Midland has teamed up to stop bullying in the Basin. 

"We're just doing this to get the word out because there's a lot of bullying. With the suicides, there is so much going on," Michelle Lopez said.

Lopez is one of the mothers who formed Midland Bully Project. Lopez and the other moms formed the group on Facebook.

"So many stories. You see parents with the same problems, the same issues. Over a year ago, I had issues with one of my sons and it just touched my heart," Lopez said.

Lopez said they just wanted to do something to bring awareness to the growing problem.

"We wanted to start off small, like in a gym or wherever they would let us and it just went from there," she said.

At the event, the group plans to have three speakers, a balloon release and a screening of the movie "Bully."

Jasmine Dailing is an 8th grader at Abell Junior High.

"6th through 8th grade, I've been bullied," she said.

 She said she's dealt with bullying at school and thinks the program could help the problem.

"We lost a friend that went to Alamo, she was bullied. We just went to the funeral and it's so sad seeing all those kids there and their parents crying. It's just hard," she said.

She also hopes the event can save lives and maybe change the heart of a few bullies.

"Maybe after the event, everything will get better. Maybe they'll realize it's not funny and it's hurting people," she said.

The Midland Bully Project still needs donations and volunteers. If you are interested, you can email your information to:

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