Wild Burros Causing Wrecks, Headaches for Big Bend Drivers

Wild Burros Causing Wrecks, Headaches for Big Bend Drivers

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

TERLINGUA - It's not a problem many would think about, but for Sandra Parks of Terlingua, it's becoming more and more common: drivers crashing into wild burros. Parks said this is because burros aren't like other animals that move out of the way.

"The burros will just stay in place. So if you don't stop, there's going to be a collision," she said.

Many aren't aware that the Big Bend area is home to wild burros.

"The reason they're in this area is because there's a water source," Parks explained.

With more and more people on the roads, these accidents are becoming a regular occurrence.

"We're getting more and more traffic. So far the injuries have been more to the burros and not the drivers but it's only a matter of time," she said.

Parks went to TXDOT to request signs be put on the highway, in order to warn drivers.

"At least give warning to the people. We have students from Sul Ross, we have tourists all the time," she said.

Two signs have been put up but Parks still feels it's important for drivers to be informed.

"Just to give some warning to them that this is wild burro country and that they need to slow down and pay attention to the area because it could be a very serious accident," she said.

Parks also said she realizes putting up signs isn't going to stop accidents, but she said, at least it will give people the opportunity to protect themselves.