Group Petitioning For Alcohol Sales to be on November Ballot in Andrews

Group Petitioning For Alcohol Sales to be on November Ballot in Andrews

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - Alcohol sales could be making a comeback on the November ballot in Andrews.

The cases at gas stations are stocked full of cold drinks but come November, stores might have to make more room.

"I'm not a big drinker myself, I just believe in having the choice," Casey Hastings said.

Hastings is talking about the choice to grab a cold one where you live.

He along with a few others are behind another attempt to get alcohol sales inside Andrews County legalized. But they're doing it a little different this time.

They're petitioning for sales inside precincts one and four, the south part of town.

"Those tend to have the voters that are more in favor of alcohol in Andrews," Hastings said.

The still un-named group said the sales could boost the local economy.

"Think about all the gas all the food sales going over there. Why not keep it here?" JoeDan Newbrough said. "We need to start building revenue here in town, keep it in town instead of it going across the street to Midland/Odessa."

With the number of fatal accidents up, they also believe alcohol sales in Andrews would make it safer.

"Here most of the stuff is within walking distance so you don't really have as many people that are gonna be driving 30 miles just to get alcohol," Hastings said.

The issue failed in the last election a few years ago but it was close.

The group said community support has grown even more since then.

Wendi Baugh said, "If it isn't sold there, Odessa isn't that far away. Selling it in Andrews could cut down on the DWI's."

Linda Branch-Hughes says she's doesn't care either way, "although it would be nice to just drive down the street on the rare occasion that I want a glass of wine or a beer with dinner."

However, there is still opposition from residents and churches.

The group needs 601 signatures to get the issue on the ballot then it's up to voters.

They're hoping this time around, the third time's the charm.

"They have alcoholic beverages at their house, you know, what's the difference? Why not make it safer, why not get it here," Newbrough said.

The petition could be available to sign as early as next week.