Changes Coming to Intersection of Faudree, Highway 191 in Odessa

Changes Coming to Intersection of Faudree, Highway 191 in Odessa

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - A busy intersection in Ector County will be adding some much needed stop signs at the intersection of 191 and Faudree Road.

According to Gene Powell, Public Information Officer for TXDOT, the intersection has been getting busier and unfortunately some accidents have occurred.

"It will make it a lot easier for the service road traffic to cross Faudree or to make turning movements. We have so many people trying to make those turning movements that this is something that it will provide a break in traffic so those turning movements will be easier to make," Powell said.

According to Powell, stop signs will be replaced by the end of the month with something else.

"Later this month, a company out of Abilene will be coming in to put those in, they will be putting on traffic lights there on Highway 191 and Faudree Road," Powell said.

Powell says the initiative to install these stop signs at the intersection of Faudree Road and Highway 191 has been in the works for over a year now.

He says with the growing number of fatal accidents now happening due to the population increase in the Basin, the timing is perfect for putting up the stop signs and eventually installing the traffic lights.

"The traffic patterns have picked up so dramatically that it's appropriate to have a four way stop for safety, and it's all in the interest of safety, which is TXDOT's number one priority," Powell said.

However, the traffic signals are not the only changes coming to the busy intersection.

"We also plan on putting in what we call a Texas U-turn there at that intersection which right now you see a dirt path beaten down by people jumping the curb and turning back on East 191. We're are going to block that off and pave it to make that safer as well," Powell said.