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CAUGHT ON TAPE: Police Searching For Pair of Underwear Bandits

by Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9 

ODESSA - A pair of bandits caught on camera and you won't believe what they took. It happened at a Dollar General along Grandview Avenue and police need help tracking down the crooks that took off with a variety of items including several pairs of underwear. 

Surveillance video shows two guys who appear to be buying the bare necessities.

"They spend a quite a bit of time in the store shopping and it looks like they're just shopping and they just walk right out the door with that merchandise they've taken," Odessa Crime Stoppers Director, Susan Rogers, said. 

That merchandise includes camo sandals, a Bud Light hat and socks. They also stole Scope and shampoo plus 10 pair of underwear. Clearly someone needed to freshen up and fast. They were putting it all in a black bag and you can see them carrying it around.

"It's a class B misdemeanor, there are two of them involved. We would like information from the public on either both or either one of these guys. That's one of the reasons we take this video and put it on your channel so we can get people to identify them for us," Rogers said. 

Detectives describe one of the men as a man in his early 20's, wearing a black hoodie and pants with a black hat with the letter 'P' on it. The other man is described as also being in his early 20's, wearing a blue polo shirt with a black long sleeve shirt underneath. He was also wearing a white hat that says 'Under Armor'.  If you can't make out who it may be, authorities hope body language may also raise a red flag.

"They have mannerisms. They stand the same way, they wear their hat tilted the same way, they walk a certain way. You always recognize that," Rogers said. 

All of this could be laughable but the store ended up being $80 short at the end of the night. If you have any information, call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS. 
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