Alpine ISD Using New State of the Art System in an Effort to Protect Students, Faculty

Alpine ISD Using New State of the Art System in an Effort to Protect Students, Faculty

By Devin Sanchez

NewsWest 9

ALPINE - With school security at the forefront, many districts are trying to figure out how keep students safe. One district in the Big Bend area has a new solution; a system their sheriffs and police department have used for awhile and they're the only ones to have it.

"The teacher doesn't have to leave the room. She just pushes a button and were there," Sheriff Dodson said. 

It's a state of the art technology. 

"This technology was originally designed to protect law enforcement. It will now be the first line of defense for school and school kids," Superintendent Steve White said. "If we do have a situation where we need a police officer they can come quickly. Instead of going through the phone line, they can respond better."

The Alpine ISD is one of the first to use to the system. 

"This is all new. Brand new, this side of the Pecos, our school is going to start it," Sheriff Dodson said. 

Superintendent Steve White says this was a better alternative to arming teachers. 

"We've been in discussions for several months about the best way to proceed to make schools more safe and I think this is a big step in right direction," White said.

With Cop Sync 911, if the school is under a threat, a teacher can send out an alert from a computer and that will be sent to the five closest officers.

It will go to every computer in the school as well as officers and texts will be sent to every teacher and officer. 

"There will be some training and I think this afternoon, they'll be installing software," he said. 

Sheriff Dodson told NewsWest 9, the sheriff's department has used this system for a while. 

"I was impressed I could see how easy it is for me, for my other officers and even the stuff it does, other officers in other counties," he said. 

The system was donated to the school district. 
"It's free. That's the best part," White said. 

Although they hope to never use it, Sheriff Dodson said they would rather be prepared then be caught of guard.