Locals React to FDA Ruling on Morning After Pill Now Being Available For Teens

Locals React to FDA Ruling on Morning After Pill Now Being Available For Teens

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9 

PERMIAN BASIN- This may come as a shock, but your 15 year old daughter can now get the morning after pill and they can get it over the counter legally. This comes after an FDA ruling.

The Plan B morning after pill can now sit on store counters next to other products. Girls 15 years of age or older can purchase it without paying a visit to the doctor or having their parents present. The Food and Drug Administration made the announcement Tuesday and the product will be available in retail outlets with pharmacies. The pill can also be sold during non-pharmacy hours, too.

NewsWest 9 asked viewers to weigh in on this decision and comments on our Facebook page came rolling in.

"Bad decision, just my opinion," Paula Hawkins, wrote.

"Very bad decision. It's just going to make them think it's okay to have unprotected sex," Jennifer Fincannon, wrote.

"I'm on the fence on this one. It's sort of good because fewer young teens will be having kids and be a rape victim," Kayla Thompson, said. Thompson went on to say, "parents should teach their kids morals and values and the world should stop accepting it as a the new norm."

"I support this, after all Perry took away our Odessa Planned Parenthood," Jennifer Ridling, wrote.

In a statement released from the FDA, it said in part: "Research has shown that access to emergency contraceptive products has the potential to further decrease the rate of unintended pregnancies in the United States," FDA Commissioner, Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D, said.

The pill works by stopping an egg from being released from the ovary or preventing fertilization of the egg by sperm. If there has been fertilization, Plan B may prevent a fertilized egg from embedding in the uterus. But if the egg has already been implanted in the uterus, the morning-after pill will not work.