"Cyber Praising" Facebook Page Launched in Response to Cyber Bullies

"Cyber Praising" Facebook Page Launched in Response to Cyber Bullies

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - There's a new page circulating on Facebook where people can post things about others but it's not what you might think.

The idea is to praise people instead of bashing them. It was started after outrage was sparked last week over a cyber bullying page.

"I was shocked, it was crazy," Taijia McKinley, said. "I didn't expect to see anything like that."

That was the 20-year-old's reaction after she came across the cyber bullying Facebook page "432 on Blast." The page encouraged users to write cruel and vulgar posts about others in the Basin.

So Taijia, along with 18-year-olds Briana Lawhone and Courtney Parker, had an idea.

The three friends launched "Odessa's Finest," a page for "cyber praising" instead of cyber bullying.

"Just for people to send in and be able to say whatever nice things they wanna say and praise that person whoever it is," Taijia said.

People can send in pictures of others with positive and uplifting messages.

So far "Odessa's Finest" has more than 700 likes and it's reached more than 26,000 people on Facebook.

"I hope they get the positive vibes off of it and the positivity that we're trying to spread around," Taijia said.

The girls said they were in disbelief that someone would encourage online bashing.

"I would say childish and inappropriate for someone to even post about someone else on that page," Briana said.

Courtney agreed.

"You don't know these people, you don't know their life," Courtney said. "It's not your responsibility to go off and tell somebody else's business."

They've even seen it on their page too.

"There's people that have been trying to post negative things but we delete them right away," Taijia said.

The girls hope this kind of bullying stops with the message we're all more alike than different.

"Everybody has their flaws in their life," Briana said. "Everybody."

"I just think we should bring out the good in people and not the bad, life's not fun that way," Taijia said.