A Look Back on the Countless Hours Spent Searching for Hailey Dunn

A Look Back on the Countless Hours Spent Searching for Hailey Dunn

By Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

It's been a long search for Hailey Dunn. A search in which countless hours and many avenues were exhausted in the hopes of finding Hailey Dunn.

When Hailey first went missing back in December of 2010, those in Colorado City began handing out flyers and printing the teens information on the back of shirts.

Then in June of 2012, the Hope for Hailey search team brought in a psychic and investigator to help in the search.

The team brought in their own cadaver dogs, went over notes and went out and searched areas. But there was still no trace of Hailey in those efforts.

This year, search efforts moved to North Texas as a small pizza joint in Krum, Texas, plastered Hailey's face all over their pizza boxes.

Missing flyers were also posted on windows of local shops there.

Those efforts were started by Hailey's great aunt who never stopped handing out flyers since Hailey first went missing.

Around the same time, the FBI released an age progression photo of Hailey in hopes of giving the public a better idea of what Hailey might have looked like today. The portrait was created by a professional photographer in Pennsylvania.

All of those avenues, unfortunately at a loss after Friday's announcement of the remains found in Scurry County being those of young Hailey.