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Lawyer Says Billie Dunn is "Heartbroken, Grief Stricken" After Friday’s Announcement

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Heartbroken and grief stricken. That's how Billie Dunn's lawyer described Billie's state on Friday.

John Young told NewsWest 9 that Texas Rangers contacted Billie on Friday around 2 p.m. and informed her that the human remains were her daughter.

He says Billie's family is gathering in Austin to make travel arrangements to West Texas.

He expects they'll be in town sometime this weekend.

Going forward, Young says Billie will cooperate with law enforcement in any way that she can.

In the meantime, he says Billie is devastated.

"Billie has held onto hope. As for the rest of the family they held onto hope for two years now and there's a certain devastation any parents would feel at a loss of a child and Billie is no different. She was grief-stricken, obviously tearful and very sad. For Billie, it means she's lost her daughter and there's simply no more hope," Young said in a phone interview with NewsWest 9.

Young says he doesn't think the FBI will stay involved in the case since Hailey wasn't taken out of state or across the border.

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