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Billie Dunn Says in Last NewsWest 9 Interview That Shawn Adkins Had Something to do With Hailey’s Disappearance

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When NewsWest 9 last spoke with Billie Dunn, she had some chilling words about her ex-boyfriend Shawn Adkins.

She confessed that she now believed he may have been involved in Hailey's disappearance. 

"For instance, the main thing about him quitting his job and lying about it for a week saying he had a job and then telling me he was fired when, in fact, he wasn't," Billie told NewsWest 9.

Billie says after she ended their relationship, she saw a darker and meaner side to Shawn.

Reflecting back, Billie told NewsWest 9 how strangely Shawn acted those first few days after the disappearance.

She said she found it suspicious that her ex-boyfriend couldn't produce his work uniform when law enforcement requested them.

"The fact that he lied and said they were at work and we already know though video and though his boss that he didn't leave them at work. So, why are they hidden?" Billie said.

We were told Shawn moved back to his mother's house in Big Spring.

Neighbors say Shawn went out-of-state a few months ago for work.

In the meantime, Shawn's parents have received death threats in the mail and over the Internet.

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