Search Volunteers Heartbroken Over Hailey Dunn's Death

Search Volunteers Heartbroken Over Hailey Dunn's Death

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

The announcement of Hailey Dunn's death was something no one wanted to happen but it was especially hard for those who vowed to bring her home alive.

For the last two years and four months, the Hope for Hailey Dunn Group has pushed through the rumors and patiently waited out any possible leads, but this time, their worst fears were confirmed.

"Her life was ended too early," volunteer, Stacie Campbell, said.

Remains found over a month ago in Scurry County were positively identified as the missing cheerleader.

Hope for Hailey Volunteer Stacie Campbell said she found out the news after getting a hysterical phone call from Hailey's mother, Billie.

"She was screaming. It was so hysterical I didn't know what it was at first," Campbell said. "She was screaming 'my baby.'"

Campbell said it's been an emotional roller coaster.

"You want it to be wrong and you want Hailey to be alive," she said. "She was a human with a family that adored her. Not just a person, not just a picture, not just a flier."

Strangers from all over, many who never even met Hailey, spent countless hours searching and sharing her story.

For Susie Griffith, a volunteer with Hailey Dunn - Inspirations of Faith, Hope and Love, this tragedy is personal.

"She's become a part of my life," Griffith said.

Volunteers are trying to understand how this happened.

"Whoever is guilty of this has to be evil," Griffith said. "To just be thrown away out in the elements. Alone."

Now the hope to bring Hailey home is turning to hope to bring her justice.

"Hailey has her peace. She's been at peace for two years and four months," Campbell said. "Now it's about the family being able to find some."

Hope for Hailey said they will be planning a memorial to remember Hailey's life.