Ector County, Midland ISD Release Early Results For STAAR Tests

Ector County, Midland ISD Release Early Results For STAAR Tests

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The Ector County Independent School district released some early results for their STAAR tests.

It shows there's some progress in reading but students are falling again in math.

Fifth graders kept their reading scores steady with 65 percent of them passing but their math scores slipped from 63 percent to 56 percent.

Eighth graders saw similar results.

In the reading section, students climbed from 70 to 75 percent passing.

Their math scores also fell but only by two percent.

The students who didn't pass the tests will be able to take them again next month.

Over in Midland, fifth graders saw a slight drop in reading and math compared to those who took it last year.

67 percent passed reading, that's a one percent slip from last year.

65 percent passed in math, which is a two percent drop.

As for the eighth graders, their reading scores went up to 76 percent.

But math took a 10 percent dive to 61 percent.

But the Midland School District isn't discouraged.

In fact, those fifth and 8th graders have made major leaps in education compared to where they were last year.

From fourth to fifth grade, their math scores went up 10 percent and from seventh to eighth grade, reading went up nine percent and math went up 11 percent.

The district says that shows those students are making significant improvement.