No Charges Filed in Overnight Midland Homicide

No Charges Filed in Overnight Midland Homicide

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A Midland man is dead after getting shot in the chest with a shotgun in the south part of town. That homicide happened in the 2400 block of Brunson just before midnight Tuesday night.

Police said they haven't made any arrests because the person who pulled the trigger was trying to protect himself and others inside this home.

"They were all nice," Jose Cpulveda, said. "I was surprised to see something happened."

Residents said it's normally quiet in that Midland neighborhood but that changed late Tuesday night. 32-year-old Samuel Pompa died after getting into an argument with neighbors.

"They were all outside together and there was some yelling going on back and forth between some friends that were over there and it obviously got out of hand and they started fighting with each other," Sgt. Greg McCright, with the Midland Police Dept., said. "One group of people went into the house and were trying to get away from the main aggressor in it."

Police said the aggressor was Pompa and he came back looking for a fight.

"The aggressor kicked in the door and had a baseball bat when he came back," McCright said.

Police said that's when 19-year-old Jonathan McDaniel shot Pompa in the chest with a shotgun.

He was taken to Midland Memorial where he later died.

One neighbor NewsWest 9 spoke with said they never heard of any problems in the past.

"Not even that, they had been fussing with them either," Cpulveda said. "They pretty much keep to themselves, get up and go to work in the morning."

The shooting is being investigated as a homicide but no charges have been filed.

"It just means that somebody has caused the death of another person," McCright said. "That doesn't mean necessarily that there's anything criminal with it, it doesn't mean there's not. It's neutral on that."

The investigation is ongoing even though charges haven't been filed.

Pompa's body has been sent for an autopsy.