Facebook Page Causing Outrage

Facebook Page Causing Outrage

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - It was formally known as the "Ratchet Burnpage," now it's called "432 On Blast." A Facebook page where you can make fun of anyone, using any pictures and any vulgar language. This is where the cousin of Gladis Rodriguez was made fun of. Although Rodriguez saw the comment for the first time as our cameras were rolling, she now has more questions than answers.

"Who writes stuff like this? What would make you want to write something like that? This is a 13-year-old girl. to describe a person in that way is just heartbreaking because she is so young," Rodriguez said.

Although a post on the page says, "No threats, nothing of that sort, if we see it, you will automatically get banned," that doesn't seem to stop some cyber bullies. One comment NewsWest 9  saw read, "Our first victim."

Ron Moss, Director of Guidance Counseling for Midland ISD explained how this type of bullying can affect a student even if it doesn't happen in school.

"If a student is a victim of one of those pages, they bring that to school with them. It impedes their ability to learn. That's not something they simply walk away from because it happened at home, they are going to bring it to school," Moss said.

Rodriguez has a message for those who use social media as a way to prey on those who are defenseless.

"Grow up, stuff like this isn't funny anymore. When it gets to the point of cyber bullying and kids are hurting themselves or possibly even killing themselves. That not funny anymore," Rodriguez said.