New Business Geared Toward Breast Cancer Patients, Survivors

New Business Geared Toward Breast Cancer Patients, Survivors

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Chances are you or someone you know has been affected by breast cancer. Now there's a new business in town that caters to those going through it.

The Pink Tree is an idea that came to life after Anita Harris was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago.

"At first it seemed like having to seek out all this was normal, you know to go and to look and to travel and to ask questions and do the research but after I got to thinking about it, it's really not normal," Anita said.

Anita is talking about the challenges breast cancer patients face while undergoing treatment.

One of Anita's challenges was finding a special bra after surgery.

"You order things like that, they come in, they don't fit, you send them back so it was costing me a lot of money," Anita said.

She said she had to drive as far as Austin and San Antonio to get one.

"It's really difficult, you're just in a weakened state of your condition physically and so it's real hard to get on the road and travel just to be fitted or buy a bra or things like that," Anita said. "I just thought it's ridiculous, if I'm having to do this, so are a lot of other people."

Now after winning the battle against the disease, she wanted to help others just like her.

The Pink Tree offers fittings for women who need special bras after having surgery.

"Our goal is just to make them feel and look as normal as they already are on the inside," Linea Harris said.

The boutique is also stocked full of items to help patients on their journey through the disease.

"Things to me that said comfort. So that means socks that means blankets, you have to have hats when you're going through chemo, scarves, things like that. After you have surgery you end up on a lot of medications that cause you to have night sweats. We have pajamas that that's what they do, they pull the heat and moisture away from your body."

The boutique may be small but they plan on doing big things.

"For us to finally have our grand opening and be able to serve the community, we're really ready," Anita said.

You can contact the Pink Tree at 432-332-4101 or on their website at