Caught on Tape: Odessa Police Searching For Video Game Console Thief

Caught on Tape: Odessa Police Searching For Video Game Console Thief

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - One robber in Odessa wasn't playing around, he swiped two game units from a GameStop store but it didn't end there. He got brave, just a few days later, he came back to steal two more but what he didn't realize was that his thieving ways were caught on camera. 

Business is as usual at the GameStop store located in the 200 block of Wal-Mart Court in West Odessa and the surveillance cameras were rolling. A guy is seen in the video wearing a white T-shirt as he enters the store and looks as though he plans to purchase something expensive. 

"A young man goes in and talks to the clerk about purchasing a couple of PlayStation 3's," Odessa Crime Stoppers Director, Susan Rogers, said. 

The clerk goes to the back of the store and brings out two PlayStation 3's and when he's begins to ring up the transaction to his would be customer, the guy grabs the two video game consoles right off the counter and dashes out. 

"This is a Class A theft. Those were worth about $600 for the two of them," Rogers said. 

Five days later, police believe the same guy goes back to the same store. This time it's a different clerk working that day and the guy they are looking for is now wearing a hoodie. It's the same story again, he tells the clerk he's interested in buying two PlayStation 3's. 

"The clerk does everything they possibly can to not let someone or give someone the opportunity to take off with these. If you watch that second video, the clerk keeps everything behind the counter and is literally in the process of ringing this person out," Rogers said. "We know that the clerk got a phone number from the guy which turns out to be a false number. But its being put in the system so there's no reason for the clerk to believe that he's not getting ready to buy these. This guy just grabs them up and runs out the door with them." 

Authorities say it's the same guy because he was seen leaving in a white newer model pick up truck both times. Police describe him as a Hispanic male in his early to mid 20's, clean cut and his hair may be in a fade type cut. 
All together the accused thief got away with more than $1,200. If you have any information, you are urged to call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.