T-Bar Water Pipeline Ahead of Schedule, Under Budget

T-Bar Water Pipeline Ahead of Schedule, Under Budget

By Devin Sanchez

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Ahead of schedule and under budget is what the Midland County Fresh Water District number 1 boasted on Friday at the delivery system terminus site.

With the harsh drought and peak water usage time upon us, the water supply will prove its importance to the community.

"This is the largest, longest utility project Midland County has done," Jose Cuevas, President of the Midland County Fresh Water District, said.

The pipeline runs 67 mile from Winkler County to Midland County.

"There's not another water project in the nation that has gone as fast and as well as this one," Cuevas said.

It will provide 10 million gallons of water a day to the city, which is still less than what Midlanders use during peak water months.

"During normal summertime when we don't have restrictions, we use 30-35 million gallons per day, so this project won't completely supply Midland but it will very much supplement," City Manager, Courtney Sharp, said.

The $200 million project will finish ahead of schedule.

"Done in an 18 month period but really laying the pipes in 12 months," Cuevas said.

The water lines are pressurized at the terminus system but the tower is empty, but it is capable of holding two million gallons.

"We bring the water down a 500 foot drop and it fills a tank and that will supply the water into the Midland system," Cuevas said.

Some of the water will also be treated at the terminus site.

Right now, Midland uses the Colorado River Municipal Water District for its main supply of water and Cuevas says that supply will continue to be used until 2029.

"It's on the surface, it evaporates, and once it's gone, it's gone, why not use something that does evaporate and draw from that and save our water for a later date?" Cuevas asked.

Once the valve is turned on, it will take a whole day for the water to travel from Winkler County through the pipeline to Midland.

Cuevas told NewsWest 9, 60 miles of the pipe is already filled with water and is being hydro tested. He expects the remaining seven miles to be filled by next week.