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Winkler County Attorney Charged With Solicitation, Official Oppression

By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

WINKLER COUNTY - Winkler County attorney Steve Taliaferro found himself on the other side of the law after he was indicted on Tuesday on charges of soliciting prostitiution and official oppression.

This isn't the first time a Winkler County attorney found himself in hot water. Back in 2011, then county attorney Scott Tidwell, was removed from office after he was convicted of retaliation, official oppression and misuse of information.

"These are the guys that are sending everybody to jail, and you know with what's been going on here, everything gets covered under the rug," one Winkler County resident, said.

The charges Taliaferro is facing are class A and B misdemeanors. 

NewsWest 9 found out Taliaferro was convicted on similar charges back in 1999 while he was living in Missouri. He was disbarred until his reinstatement in 2006.

Winkler County residents didn't know this and were shocked.

"Background checks? Something. They should be held to a higher standard," one resident said. "Everybody's covering everybody with the same blanket round here, I believe."

Because Taliaferro is a county official, the Texas Rangers are now investigating.

District Attorney Dorothy Holguin will not be the prosecutor in the case, she has been recused. The special prosecuting attorney is Stephen Stallings out of Midland.
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