Local Midland Runner Shares His Experience After Horrific Explosions in Boston

Local Midland Runner Shares His Experience After Horrific Explosions in Boston

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - NewsWest 9 spoke to a Midland man who was supposed to take part in the 26-mile race on Monday in Boston, but decided at the last minute not to run and to watch instead. You could also hear what law enforcement were going through via police scanner in Boston that NewsWest 9 was able to obtain moments after the explosives went off.

"Clear everybody out of there. Use caution, there might be possible additional devices. Once again all officers monitoring, use caution, there are possible other devices in the area," one Boston cop said through their radios as the scene unfolded. "We have all the victims off the scene. We're finishing the evacuation in the surrounding buildings."

Steve Berrones of Midland, was supposed to run in the raise. However, he didn't train for it and opted out this year. Berrones was close to where one of the explosives went off and shared what happened afterwards.

"We were two blocks over from the explosion and didn't realize that had happened," Berrones said. "But all of a sudden all you could hear was all the sirens and lots of sirens. We got into our room in our hotel and turned on the TV and CNN just started with breaking news about the explosion."

According to Berrones, this horrific event will not prevent him from entering other marathons in the future.

"No, no I mean this wouldn't stop me, I think it would me something on the back of my mind but it wouldn't cause me to change my life," Berrones said.

"(Leftover) runners are going to head out to the commons, we're going to head out that way. Marathon is done," a police dispatcher said during the incident.

The marathon winners had wrapped up their races about one hour earlier, but many of the nearly 27,000 registered athletes were still working to complete the course when the bombs went off.