UTPB Cross Country Team Reacts To Boston Explosions

UTPB Cross Country Team Reacts To Boston Explosions

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The Cross Country team at the University of Texas Permian Basin is speaking out after hearing the tragic event at the Boston Marathon on Monday. Some members told NewsWest 9, it was like re-living September 11 all over again.

They said they were in shock and in disbelief after getting word that there were explosions at the Boston Marathon. The head cross country coach, Josh Caudill, says he can't make any sense why would anyone target a marathon. Caudill says that one of his friends qualified to enter the marathon, but wasn't able to attend and Caudill says he's glad his friend didn't end up going.

"I never thought it would be an event that you would target. But obviously because of today (Monday), you just never know. You know again, as I speak too, it just kind of hard to believe that happened at the Boston marathon and for the running community itself. There's not too many of us in this small cluster. The Boston marathon to some it is, our Super Bowl if you will," Josh Caudill, Head Cross Country Coach at UTPB, said.

"It'll give me a reason to run faster I guess now. For all the people that died doing what they love, running. Now it makes me want to go out and run more. It's not going to stop me from doing it all," cross country runner, Kylie Bourquin, said.

The coach says on behalf of the UTPB Cross Country team, they send out their condolences and prayers out to the families of those injured and those who were killed.