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UPDATE Mother Charged With Child Abuse For Bobcat Attack in Carlsbad

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UPDATE: More details on the woman who was charged with child endangerment after her son was attacked by a bobcat. 

Police report Courtney Hutchins actually jumped over a railing so she and her toddler could get a closer look at the bobcat.


 As if that weren't enough the two were also petting the bobcats when one of them clawed the little boy's head.

Witnesses also say Hutchins ignored a warning sign prohibiting visitors from crossing the railing.

The child did end up with scratches, puncture wounds, and staples in his head.


CARLSBAD, N.M. - The mother of a three-year-old boy who was attacked by a bobcat at a Carlsbad zoo last month has been charged with child abuse.

21-year-old Courtney Hutchins was arrested for acting carelessly with a child.     

Police say she let her son get too close to a bobcat exhibit.

The boy ended up with scratches and punctures on his head after the animal attacked.

Witnesses said that Hutchins, her brother, and her son had crossed the double safety barrier in front of the exhibit.    

Hutchins told police she was just trying to be a good mom.

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