Missing Children Quilt Makes a Stop in Midland

Missing Children Quilt Makes a Stop in Midland

by Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- A mother whose son went missing nearly a year ago in Lubbock spoke with NewsWest 9 on Wednesday. She came to Midland to share her story and to support other families who are missing children.

It's a quilt with more than 100 faces. Each one of the children on the blanket are missing and each one has a story. Just like missing 15-year-old Mark Anthony Ysasaga from Lubbock.

"It's been a roller coaster. We just celebrated his 16th birthday, March 28. That was the hardest day of them all because it was his sweet 16 and with the holidays that just passed Easter was the last holiday we celebrated together and we didn't do anything at all. It wasn't the same without him," Mark's mother, Anna Ysasaga, said.

In a couple of months, it will be a year since Mark has been gone. Questions are still being asked, however there have been no answers to solve the mystery of his disappearance. Something that Stars Power Programs and the Army of Angels are trying to prevent.

"Showing them we really do need to tighten up and keep the kids safe with whatever way it may be. Some of the offenders they need to be rehabilitated or don't let them out on the streets. If they're out on the streets, let them know where there are at so they don't re-offend," Founder of Stars Powers Program, Toni Tirapelli, said.

Their organization is driving coast to coast, sharing the quilt of the missing and their stories to the public. They met up with Mark's mother in Midland and displayed the blanket at Texas Roadhouse.

"It gives me some kind of relief that there's other mothers out there that I can connect with that can help me cope through what I'm going through. It just makes me so mad that there's so many kids missing and they're still out there and there's no answers there at all," Ysasaga said.

"Abuse happens to everyone around us. We really need to stop it. So for me I know the importance. Because if I don't, we can't take care of our kids and stop the abuse, we're not going to have a society," Tirapelli said.

Missing Colorado teen Hailey Dunn is also on the blanket. For Anna, she hopes raising the awareness of those missing not only helps solve their cases but her own as well.

"Get a phone call from him, saying I'm fine or whoever knows what happened, actually come forward and say something. Everyday just wishing just to hear his voice, to tell me I'm ok mom," Ysasaga said.

She's taking part of the blanket back to Lubbock and will be displaying it there at various locations hoping someone has information that could help. If you know something, you can give Lubbock Police a call at 806-775-2865.