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Midland Police, FBI Investigating After Disturbing Video Was Being Passed Around on Facebook

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MIDLAND - If you're on Facebook you're probably used to seeing friends pass around photos and videos.

But now some users have been shocked to see a pornographic video involving a child.

The Midland Police Department is investigating the case along with the FBI.

The disturbing video is circulating not only in the Tall City but nationwide as well and this isn't first time authorities are looking in to it.

It first appeared on Facebook back in 2005 and agents say the man in the video may be called John Doe number eight.

Now they're hoping that someone will recognize the hair, the hand or the dark spot on the right forearm.

While the new attention could bring new tips, social media users may not realize by sharing and forwarding video or photos of this, they're helping to circulate child pornography.

Midland Police say if you think you may get the video to delete it and not pass it on.

Facebook spokesperson says the company pulled the video down.

The FBI hopes the renewed attention helps them catch the man they're looking for.

Anyone with information is asked to call the local FBI office.

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