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Caught On Tape: Bold Thief Snatches Purse From Odessa Mall

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Police are trying to track down a brazen purse snatcher. This one struck at Music City Mall. Security thought the man was suspicious and it turns out, they were right on the money. The accused thief got away with a purse and wallet that were worth over $500. 

It was a busy evening of shopping at a department store located inside Music City Mall in Odessa and security cameras were glued to a man, following his every move. 

"Security do follow him through the store and they can see kind of what's going on. They keep up with him," Odessa Crime Stoppers Director, Susan Rogers, said. 

He walks around the accessory section of the store, looking through purses trying to determine which one he likes. 

"He picks up different purses and designer bags. Looks at the colors, looks at the style and that sort of thing," Rogers said. 

A bright yellow purse on display catches his eye. It's a Michael Kors handbag and he also looks at the wallets that can go with the bag. The video shows him picking up the wallet and glancing at the price tag. He then slips the wallet inside the handbag and wanders around the store. 

"A typical shoplifter tries to hide what they're doing, he doesn't do it at all. I mean he walks through the store, holding the bag," Rogers said. 

Police say the suspect passes by several cash registers in the store without bothering to pay. He then heads towards the south entrance of the store, weaving his way through the men's department with the bright yellow purse and walks right out. 
One can see the surveillance cameras continue to be on him outside of the store as security officers chase after him. 

"It was a busy evening. He goes to run across 42nd Street and the officers said he was dodging traffic and nearly got hit himself. So they backed off for their security, they couldn't go across the street and he was out of sight. But he did take off on foot south across 42nd Street," Rogers said. 

Police describe the thief as a Hispanic male possibly in his 20's with tattoos on his left forearm and another possible marking on the right side of his neck. Police say the suspect faces a Class A Misdemeanor theft charge.
If you have any information on him call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS and you could receive a reward for information leading to an arrest. 
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