Students Speak Out About Andrews Teacher Arrest

Students Speak Out About Andrews Teacher Arrest

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - An Andrews High School teacher was arrested over the weekend after police said she made alcohol available to minors. The alleged incident happened at the teacher's home.

"It went viral, everybody was talking about it saying, "Oh teacher got arrested!'" student, Marisol Rodonez, said.

Andrews High School students are talking about what allegedly went down at a home over the weekend.

"There was a party and that everyone got a ticket that was there," Cristal Ramirez, said.

Police arrested Debra Sutphen and charged her with making alcohol available to minors. Sutphen is a math teacher at Andrews High School.

Police Chief Bud Jones tells NewsWest 9 they went to Sutphen's house around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning after being tipped off about a party where minors were possibly drinking.

When they got there, officers found over a dozen minors, along with Sutphen's kids, all who were in possession of alcohol.

Officers eventually made contact with Sutphen. Chief Jones said she was reluctant to open the door. One student said she was invited to the home but didn't go.

"A lot of the people who were being invited to the party didn't go because she lives right across the street from a cop," Rodonez said.

Students said different versions of what happened are floating around the high school hallways.

The girls NewsWest 9 spoke with said Sutphen wasn't home at the time.

NewsWest 9 did try to get in touch with Sutphen for her side of the story. We went to her house and knocked several times.  We even spoke with someone off camera who drove up and claimed to live there. He told the same story, Sutphen wasn't home at the time of the party.

We also tried calling her house but no answer.

While the details behind what exactly happened are unclear, the situation is bringing mixed opinions.

"I feel really bad about the whole situation that happened," Rodonez said.

"It's her child so she has responsibility for her," Ramirez said.

Superintendent Bobby Azam sent NewsWest 9 the following statement, "Andrews I.S.D.  is fully aware of the incident involving Mrs. Debra Sutphen. We will promptly handle this situation according to AISD policy and Texas state law; moreover, in each decision we strive to do what is best for our students' safety and well being. However, at this time, A.I.S.D. will not comment further on this situation as this is a personnel matter."