Walking To Remember Lives Lost During The Holocaust

Walking To Remember Lives Lost During The Holocaust

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9 

ODESSA - Dozens walked the streets of Odessa Sunday to remember over six million Jewish children, men and women who were killed during the Holocaust during the years of World War II. They were wearing T-shirts and waving flags during their event called "Walk of Remembrance."

"We can not forget. We absolutely can not forget. Some have love ones that were persecuted during this time and even Christians were persecuted for standing with them. This is something we must never forget," marcher, Nelda Reagan, said.

Organizers say it's a prayer walk with a purpose.

"Descendants of Nazi's, SS, those who ran concentration camps, began to go back and walk the same steps that their fathers have caused Jews and all other kinds of people to walk to their death, to repent for it," organizer, Chris Randal, said.

They marched from UTPB to 42nd Street then onto Tanglewood on Sunday morning. A similar scene happening in other cities as well. Every so often, marchers faced east and recited a scripture from the Bible in Hebrew.

According to March of Remembrance, 15% of the American population harbor anti-Semitic attitudes and they say a high percentage thinks that Israel's crisis is self-inflicted.

"For they love you and they want to bless you. And I think they should defend themselves just like we have the rights to defend ourselves," marcher, Sonia Williams, said.

"And to say we'll never again be silent and that we will stand for anyone that any atrocity, like a holocaust never again," Randal said.

This was the first march of its kind in the Permian Basin.