Cline Shale Public Forum Held in Big Spring

Cline Shale Public Forum Held in Big Spring

Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - A public forum was held at the Dora Roberts Community Center and everyone there was talking about that big pocket of oil sitting under several West Texas counties.

The Cline Shale lies more than 9,000 feet below surface and it's expected to bring a super boom to Reagan, Glasscock, Martin, Howard and Sterling Counties just to name a few.

It was a full house and residents listened attentively to what may be coming if local government officials decide to tap into the Cline Shale.

"They started off giving great information as far as that's concerned. Also, I think just letting residents know about the great opportunities they're going to have as well," resident, Beth Mahony, said.

However others are worried about the negative impact a major oil boom could have in their community.

"As many people who are expected to be here in Howard County, there's not enough for us to give. Especially our water restrictions, it's kind of a concern," resident, Lee Alvarado, said.

But community leaders say the reason why these types of public forums are being held is to educate residents and give them a chance to hear from those who've experienced a rapid boom. That includes those who've been part of the Eagle Ford Shale.

"What we've learned is lets learn from their successes and failures so we don't do the same things that they did. We want to benefit from their experience," Terry Wegman, Executive Director for the Big Spring Economic Development Corporation, said.

Wegman says both revenue and the workforce will increase at the local and county levels. Local government officials still have to meet and discuss the issue thoroughly before moving forward.