Big Spring Organization Helping Women Rejoin The Workforce

Big Spring Organization Helping Women Rejoin The Workforce

By Sylvia Gonzalez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - There's an organization in Big Spring helping single moms get back on their feet. They're doing it by offering financial help to those who have decided to make a career change. As NewsWest 9 found out something as simple as basic computer skills are taught so they can re-enter the workforce.

Every Spring and Fall semester around eight women are accepted to the "Spring of Siloam Women Job Corp" to get a second chance in life. According to Site Coordinator, Valorie Cesar,  women are able to learn basic computer skills to prepare them for a better job all free of charge.

"A job readiness class. We have computer classes which we teach Excel and Word, we also have a personal finance class to help them manage their finances when they do get a career," Cesar said.

Cesar says many times women depend on a man without realizing that women can also be independent.

"As a woman to be financially independent for herself, not only build up her confidence, but it shows her the abilities that she has," Cesar said.

The organization also provides some clothing to help them re-enter the workforce.

"We try to bring in professional clothing so that they are prepared for the workforce so they have the basic needs to even go out there and do an interview. We have a clothes closet and that's free to them," Cesar said.

Most of the women are either single moms or are transitioning into a different career. That's exactly what Alicia Bloom is doing. She worked as an administrative assistant for years but wanted to transition into a better paying job as a CNA. Bloom explains why she prefers this program as opposed to a bigger institution.

"They're able to show me a little at a time, how to take it all in, in a different environment it would have been scarier for me. I don't think as quick and fast as I use to what I am able to absorb and take in. I am doing quite well," Bloom said.

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